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Deeper Learning

Our Deeper Learning page features tools, resources and inspiration for your personal spiritual journey. Visit often to discover new inspiring articles. 

Our journey through life can be compared to traveling through a vast and varied landscape full of all kinds of wonders, enjoyment, dangers, suffering, heartache, light and darkness, clear and cloudy skies.

On our journey we come across many different people and other li...

Harmony in Body, Mind & Soul

The aim of the different yoga processes is to ultimately help the individual achieve complete harmony in body, mind and soul. The different systems of yoga have techniques and practices ranging from physical postures (asanas), to the deepest...


People today are turning to meditation for many reasons: to find relief from the stress and anxiety of their daily lives; to find some peace after some traumatic event they may have experienced; looking for a deeper understanding of the self and the purpose o...

Kirtan, the singing or chanting of sacred mantras, or Transcendental Sound, is an easy yet sublime method of yoga meditation that has been practiced since time immemorial. It is the recommended process for self-realization in the modern age and has the gradual effect o...

A flower  is by nature soft, sweet and fragrant.  So are we.  We are tender, sensitive living beings, but due to being covered by layers of material elements we appear hard, even to ourselves.  But in the depths of our hearts we are soft: we desire to love and be loved...

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